Soul Readings

A Soul Reading is a special reading made through channelling, a psychic connection to higher realms and dimensions of existence, made in order to receive information, guidance and advices for our journey, our well being, our relationships.

As multidimensional being, we are always connected to everything and receive many information from different parts of ourselves (past or parallel lives), from our Ancestors through memories in our dna, from our Higher Self and from Spiritual guides and Light Beings (Guiding Angel) whose aim is to constantly assist us. The problem is that our conscious mind is not aware of that :), especially when we are too involved emotionally or in fear.
Of course we can learn to tune in those frequencies and, according to our nature with years of practice, learn how to receive when we need it or… we can ask someone to do it for us :).

My name is Simona and I’m an empath, vibrational therapist and a channeler. I’ve been aware of the spiritual dimensions since childhood, during years of studying, praciticing, I’ve developed my method of reading as part of my evolution and service to others.

What you can ask and receive from the reading
Generally the information you receive depends on the question you make, this is because in the spiritual realm there is always the law “ask and you will be given”, in making questions we take the responsability to receive the answer and the truth it contains. There are no good or bad questions, every aspect of our life is important, spiritual and practical life, every situations (especially when there is a repeating pattern) can be clarified. In general we could ask: Why this situation is happening (or has not happened yet), What could I learn, How can I overcome it.
Of course since our Guiding Angel and Spiritual guides have access to the history of our souls (the Akashic Records) we can also better understand our journey, learn about our past/parallel lives that are still affecting us and th eventual karmic debts; clear blocks and limitations, discover our highest potentials, receive spiritual and practical advice to overcome our issues, improve or relationships and live a happier life on this earth :).

The session
I offer the reading through a recorded channeling session that is made at a scheduled time. I don t make it live through skype or zoom because during the channeling I’m in an altered state of consciousness and I need to stay quiet and still :).
You can book a session via Messenger, Whatsapp or Email and before the meeting I need to receive your legal name and the questions you want to ask.
During the session you are invited to make a simple relaxation and breathing exercise I will explain to you in order to raise the frequency and to better receive the energetic download and loving support that is always provided by your guides during the session.
After the session I’ll send you the recording as an audio file, I invite you to hear it again after some time, even some months,cause there are multiple layers of understandings and deeper truths and details are often revealed gradually with our evolution over time…

Donation Box and Red Heart

After receiving the audio file you are invited to make a Donation to my Paypal account. Trusting in the fairness and respectfulness that lives in every human being, I hope to offer this service to as many people as possibile without discrimination ❤